Focusing on the need to ensure their robustness and total independence, Advanced Track & Trace® develops its technologies and innovative solutions in compliance with standards and regulations, and interoperability with public identifications. Requiring no additional consumable, Advanced Track & Trace® solutions offer an unrivaled price-performance ratio.



Advanced Track & Trace® offers private, patented authentication solutions for authorized personnel and experts. These solutions, used in the context of high security or banking environments, are known for their robustness, and simple integration and operation.

Suitable for all printing and marking processes as well as materials and supports on which they are marked, Advanced Track & Trace® digital authentication solutions from the Seal Vector® range can be overt, covert, discrete, integrated into logos, images or text.
The Seal Vector® authenticating codes provide three main functions:
• allow a third party to affix a sign attesting his property on a physical support
• identify this support with a code, non-readable and non-decypherable without the appropriate rights
• distinguish the original symbol from a reproduction.
In addition, codes are an important encrypted content which ensures traceability. These codes, generated on a server, are transmitted by ATT to its clients via a secure computer network. ATT also supplies printing services to its clients.
Advanced Track & Trace® codes are used to authenticate unmistakably any support, to identify it unitarily, securely and regardless of the production process.



Developed in partnership with security solutions leader Andrews & Wykeham, HoloSeal® ensures the strong authentication based on a unique, highly secure holographic technology.


This technology hides a nanostructure code on any material that can only be revealed to the naked eye using a complex optical effect. It provides visual authentication associated with expert authentication while remaining inseparable from the product.

Marker Materials 

Through its mastery of nanotracers, Advanced Track & Trace is able to enhance its materials database in order to meet the needs for authentication, identification and integrity protection, in an original and durable way. Advanced Track & Trace® supplies smart coatings, special inks and nanotracers to meet the demands of harsh environments (temperature, humidity, etc.) and the highest operational constraints. 

A result of developments in chemical physics, Addink® is an invisible ink compatible with all the printing and marking processes, and undetectable by conventional means (ultraviolet, infrared, etc.).



Advanced Track & Trace® provides complete turnkey traceability solutions and builds with its customers the identification strategies and applications that meet their needs.

Private codes, public codes 
Advanced Track & Trace® accommodates all kinds of public codes (bar codes, two-dimensional codes, data matrix or QR codes and more...) and, depending on the strategies and needs, couples them with private codes.
Advanced Track & Trace® solutions allow the client to manage different levels of embedded identifications according to the client’s need, from the citizen-consumer to the expert, the authorities, or the inspectors.
Advanced Track & Trace® developed new types of codes, some readable by smartphones and industrial readers, other legible to the naked eye, such as the alphanumeric code Token Vector®.
Token Vector® 
The Token Vector® code by Advanced Track & Trace® is a random, encrypted, alphanumeric code containing information related to the context of production. It is generated by a secured device, guaranteed to be unique, and injected into the production processes at very high speed. It can be used with or without a database. 
The Token Vector® code can be used for first-level identification applications associated with machine-readable codes.

In addition, unit information can be encoded onto a product: expiration date, complementary or sensitive information... and can be hidden in the graphics.

Secured data containers

Advanced Track & Trace® data containers - SealCrypt® and SealStamp® - are used in government security applications (visas, passports, ID cards, licenses, road tax disc, etc.) and in editics and dematics.

The SealCrypt® code developed by Advanced Track & Trace® is a secure data container designed to store a large amount of information in a small-sized, non-modifiable code. 
Suitable for all printing processes (from office printers to offset), and readable locally by any smartphone using a dedicated application, the SealCrypt® code helps fight against the forgery and tampering attempts of sensitive documents.

SealCrypt® is used to check the integrity of variable visible information compared to the encrypted information. It also allows the client to embed additional, confidential information intended for authorized personnel. 

SealCrypt® is readable by non-dedicated tools (smartphones, flatbed high speed scanners, passport readers, etc.). 
The SealStamp® code is able to incorporate secure and strategic information in any graphic element: logo, photo, picture... It replaces bulky 2D, machine-readable codes with discrete elements consistent with graphic charters. 
Suitable for all printing processes (from office printers to offset), and readable locally by any smartphone via a dedicated application, the SealStamp® code helps fight against sensitive documents' forgery and tampering. 
Regarding the variable expansive processes, the SealStamp® code is able to incorporate and verify the integrity of unitary information in each graphic element. 

SealStamp® is readable using non-dedicated tools (smartphones, flatbed high speed scanners, passport readers, etc.). 

It is also used in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).