With over 10 years of experience in the authentication and identification of physical supports and secure traceability, Advanced Track & Trace® serves its markets with full knowledge of their needs and imperatives in order to elaborate the best strategies and to build the most suitable solutions. Specialized in the integration of digital technologies applied to the printing/marking of physical supports, and their remote use, Advanced Track & Trace® offers value-creating, security-enforcing solutions to its clients.



Constantly searching for solutions to meet the demands of changing markets, Advanced Track & Trace® is always investing in ambitious R&D programs. R&D and technology monitoring are at the heart of the research to anticipate future needs and develop robust, pioneering solutions in line with the demands of each sector.

Advanced Track & Trace® is also involved in several international R&D programs and is working with its partners and clients on new identification codes, machines, processes and tailor-made solutions enabling the development of a wide range of steadily improving patented technologies