The food industry is increasingly affected by fraud and illicit trade. As it is directly dealing with the consumers’ health, it is essential to protect its products by anticipating potential risks.


Traceability, the perfect control of flow and supply chain, helps ensure good visibility and the safe production and distribution of products, but it is not always enough. By its very nature, the food industry is subject to risks involving product integrity: this is when, not only are the consumers at risk, but so are the image and value of the products.


Parallel markets, diversions, counterfeits, refilling... Advanced Track & Trace® solutions help to implement the tools required to control risks and dysfunctions.


Benefiting from its expertise with leaders and from its experience with many production processes in these industries, Advanced Track & Trace® provides the most appropriate solutions and services.


Customizeable and designed for high-speed lines, Advanced Track & Trace® solutions is able to mark all products (dairy, liquid, other...).