Advanced Track & Trace® accompanies spirits and fine wine brands all over the world.


At the forefront of the most innovative and effective solutions, with unparalleled feedbacks, Advanced Track & Trace® has developed an expertise giving way to the most advanced strategies of traceability, consumer relationship, sales support, fraud detection and authentication on the market.


Thus, with this expertise, Advanced Track & Trace® offers turnkey unit traceability solutions in addition to production and bottling site solutions, including authentication solutions and customer relationship.




The Titanium® solution conveniently combines multiple authentication, identification and CR technologies. It offers three different levels of operation (consumers, professionals and experts) that can be read automatically or manually (smartphones or industrial readers). Each element provides instant access to targeted information, and records each consultation on the database, for operation or investigation.




The Advanced Track & Trace® In2Hub® software ensures continuous identification and production tracking throughout the supply chain. Traced and authenticated through one or more component, each bottle is individually associated with its case and pallet.


In2Hub® provides data flow between all existing devices (ink jet or laser printer) and generates variable public and private identification codes for the product, with the highest-speed production lines. It drives the various sensors (cameras, scanners...), records, manages and synchronizes the traceability database. In2Hub® ensures the connection with processing orders performed by operators, and controls and monitors accurately the flow of products and their logistical association with shipments by unitary picking or batching. It allows the automated management of exceptions and ensures that the process of traceability is correct, recorded and saved


At each stage of product identification, In2Hub® stores data. At the grouping stage, the system identifies the content of each package, regardless of the product’s place in the grouping process, through signatures and unique codes on the packaging. In2Hub® allows you to apply unique codes in the form of controlled, random or sequential numbers, depending on defined rules for the generation of alphanumeric codes. In2Hub® is able to trace products and, if applicable, product components up and down the supply chain.


In2Hub ® handles exceptions in real time to minimize costly recalls and corrections.


In2Hub® manages the unique codes used in a context of good practices, meeting secure traceability requirements. These codes are generated randomly or as a sequence depending on the client's needs and requirements. In2Hub® can generate GS1, SGTIN, LPN and SSCC codes, proprietary codes, random alphanumeric codes and Advanced Track & Trace® private codes.

In2Hub® automatically manages products, from the bottle to the pallet, and provides a total visibility on stocks in real timeIt generates standard or specific reports, production analysis, and launches requests to visualize, print and save.