Smart NFC by ATT : securing Grands Crus' traceability

Combining a Seal Vector® authentication code, an anti-refilling system and the NFC technology, ATT offers a connected solution to protect the bottles of wines and spirits.

Unique, secure identification of each bottle

The RFID chip certified ISO 15693 NFC-compatible is a forgery-proof tag used in the bank sector for over 20 years. Embedded under the label, the back label or in the cap thanks to an innovative system patented by ATT, it also ensures the unique identification of each bottle. 

Traceability simplified for all the supply chain actors

The RFID-NFC technology makes inventories and through-case reading easier, without manipulation, via a smartphone or other compatible device. All the actors in the market - industrials, producers and customers, can thus check the bottle's origin and signal potential frauds.

Guaranteeing the authenticity of the bottle and wine

Embedded in the cap,  the RFID-NFC chip solves refilling issues and ensures the wine's integrity.

The chip is consistently protected by a Seal Vector® authentication code, deployed globally each year on billions of products, and offering a ultimate security level endorsed by the Banque de France.

Qualitative marketing

The protection by chip anchors your brand in the future. Compatible with a soaring number of smartphones, the NFC chip allows to communicate instantly about the brand, the product and associated service towards consumers. Information about the authenticity and origin of the product, tasting advice, promotion, wine-tourism... lay the foundation of a successful customer relation.